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Tag, you're it!
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If you ever get a chance to watch Crude Impact ( or take sustainability/Think Tank classes in your school/university/college. Or you can google an ecological footprint calculator to see how much you consume just by owning stuff, transportation, food, etc. and ways to reduce it. I'm not just talking about consumption in terms of eating convenient food or using electricity, I'm also referring to the amount of energy (creation/process, fuel, labor, resources, usage, etc.) it takes (example) for that one chicken in your dinner to have gotten to the supermarket to your plate (including how the energy it took to make the appliance, the energy for the fridge to keep it frosted, to cook the chicken, the sauces and how those were made, etc.). Or how that chair your sitting on was made from human and machinery labor, the process of the material, the transportation of the chair, the creation of the hazardous dyes chosen for that chair (ref: Cradle to Cradle), etc. that, when broken down, is pretty disgusting in how we (mainly referring to Westernized societies) have lived. If it wasn't for the movie, I wouldn't have realized that were still possibilities of fixing the problem, possibility that everyone instantly shoots down because we'd been fed so many "End of the World" movies (with most of them having REALLY good point then its gets bury under tons of special effects) and cries that we have now been desensitized to the issue or we're just waiting for that "hero(es)" to come save us. We don't even care that the fact that just ONE person or ONE household can stack up and effect us as a specie in our ways of Western living greatly. I've been taking sustainability courses (almost anything that my school can offer) and this semester I've taken indigenous studies just to see how the people of the ancient world survived prior to the world of technology and oil. It's pretty interesting and as most people say, its too depressing therefore they don't even want to think about it. I think we should. Because if we did, we have a better chance of being educated by the matter and find a solution. Especially now that official information can be obtain via the net and shared amongst regular people like us (in certain countries this was legalized).

Loved how the movie talked about China despite the movie being made in 2006. Because it's scary. If China alone lived the way like US did, we would need 6 planet Earths to sustain their daily living and that's just China alone (ref: Crude Impact). And this happening right now where China is moving into a US living style. I find that creepy. The movie not just talked about Oil consumption and how we use it, but also how it impacts our world in every angle - human rights, profiteers, global warming, pacific current (I think is very important because most of us don't even know about its existence), deforestation, food processing, over consumption, and extinction. It also a little about how our current Green Wash (aka: sustainable replacement) is in fact, a VERY bad idea because that doesn't solves the problem of where the consumption is headed instead it provides a lie (a scapegoat) to the public to avoid mass panic and bring in false hope. Very big issues just for one resource and how this one depleting resource will change our very structure of living as a human species yet the problems seems to lie with the lack of public knowledge (since the news is now more entertainment and not important information - ref: Crude Impact) and/or higher-ups not knowing or not caring to make the change (since most humans walk around with $$ in their eyes). There are people out there like M.King Hubbert who have predicted the issue, looked or has a solution yet lack the power for change until it's too already late.

After watching much documentaries in Netflix, I think I got a good idea what I want to do for thesis. I put off my thesis to be a year later because I wanted to do something that isn't "just a school project", I want to be one of those people who can make change, where the time and effort I put in will be useful for someone somewhere. So I hope this little rant will make you watch this movie and rethink how you live your life and be conscious of it. Be educated and not be oblivious.

PS: Educated women are more likely to not give birth to children says the movie. Fuck yeah. After working at a toy store and a game store in retail, I personally can't deal with children on a long term scale. They're... they're... so annoying. x_x
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